Free Singing Japanese Song Lessons via Skype

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Due to Novel Coronavirus, many countries & cities are currently in lockdown.

However, the lockdown will not stop us from spreading the love for musicto the world.

Therefore, we are introducing Skyepe lessons for singing or piano.


As a small gift from us, the lessons are (temporarily)free!

It is because  we'd love to offer something nice to the people who are under difficult situations.

We hope you'll like it.


March 29th, 2020  Music school KANADE









2020 3月29日 ピアノ教室KANADE



You can learn Japanese pop songs and music culture via Skype.
Singing / Sing & Piano / Piano

If you don't have a song in mind, our recommended song is
 " Sukiyaki" (Ueo Muite Arukou 上を向いて歩こう)

You could also choose your favorite song, whether it is an anime song, J-pop, City pop,
or anything else.
Please let us know your requests in the booking form.

We wil prepare the lyric sheets in Japanese or Japanese in alphabet. 
No prior experience is required.!

Sukiyaki / Ueo Muite Arukou


Mari / Oyakata


Private Lesson Fees

Free!(temporarily Feel free to sign up.

Once per person

Open every day from 11 am to 3 pm (Japan time zone)


1Lesson  30 mins 0 JPY

(from the 2nd lesson ⇒ Regular lesson )

*Bank transfer only, we'll let you know the details by e-mail. 


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