Sing Japanese Songs on Singing Lessons via Skype

Photos are lessons in person. Tourists from all over the world!  



Due to Novel Coronavirus, So many countries & cities are lockdown now.

So then we've started Skype lessons. Singing / Piano / Sing & Play Piano 


As a small gift from us, It's free!(temporary)

We'd love to offer something nice to people who are under difficult situations.

We hope you'll like it.


March 29th , 2020  Music school KANADE









2020 3月29日 ピアノ教室KANADE



You can learn Japanese pop songs and music culture via Skype.
Singing / Sing & Play Piano / Piano

Our recommended song " Sukiyaki" (Ueo Muite Arukou 上を向いて歩こう)
or on your request. Anime songs, J-pop, City pop, etc.
(If you have any requests, Let us know when you book)

We prepare lyrics sheets in Japanese or Japanese in alphabet. 
No prior experience is needed!

Sukiyaki / Ueo Muite Arukou


Mari / Oyakata


Private Lesson Fees

Free!(temporary Feel free to sign up.

Once per pserson

Open every day 11 am to 3 pm (Japan time zone)


1Lesson  30 min 0 JPY

(from the 2nd lesson ⇒ pay lesson)

*Bnak transfer only. We'll let you know the details on our e-mail. 


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