Singing Lessons Tokyo JAPAN

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Photos are our guests. Tourists from all over the world!  

You can learn any Japanese songs you like.
For example, Anime songs, J-pop or our recommended songs.
Lessons are offered in either English or Japanese.(English speaker teacher or teacher plus interpreter volunteer)
Sign up for a lesson and experience how much fun it is to learn music in JAPAN !

No prior experience is needed!

Learn Japanese song lyrics 
Learn KARAOKE skills 
Lyrics pronunciation training 
Learn Japanese through music

In our singing class we offer you a completely personalized learning experience.
We prepare lyrics sheets in Japanese or Japanese in alphabet. 

Private lesson or a small group : 1-10 people
Our studio is new, clean, completely sound-proof YAMAHA Piano studio.
1 lesson takes about 60 minutes.
The classes are offered everyday 11 am to 6 pm. 

Teachers / Studio

Teacher Mari / Oyakata




OTOREN STUDIO Dai 2 Hayakawaya Bldg 2F  2-14-6 shinjuku Shinjuku-ku Tokyo JAPAN


Nearest station shinjuku-sanchome of Metoropolitan Subway Toei Shinjuku line

Nearest exit C8

3 minutes walk from the C8exit of shinjuku-sanchome station.



新宿区新宿2-14-6 第2早川屋ビル2階


Private Lesson Fees

*tax included,  cash only


1 person  60 min    8,000 JPY

2 person  60 min    6,000 JPY  each person

3 person  60 min    5,000 JPY  each person

4 person  60 min    4,000 JPY  each person